The Number of Dissertation Chapters

Usually. thesis statement has a strict dissertation chapters structure. It is divided into several parts that have specific functions to fulfill in the document. If you want to write really good and clear project, you have to uncover all these dissertation chapters:

1. Title page is not a section but inseparable part of dissertation. Here you have to write your name, the title of the work, the name of your university and department, too.

2. Acknowledgement is a part for saying "thanks" to all your helpers.

3. Table of contents must include titles of all your sections with page numbers.

4. Abstract is a little part of summarizing all important points of your piece of paper.

5. The next one - introduction - has a problem and brief overview of your research. Writing a dissertation introduction chapter should be better done in the last moment.

6. Literature review includes information and gathered data of your project and survey of literature as well.

7. Dissertation methodology chapter is very important, because it describes all methods you have used during preparing the research.

8. Conclusion makes results of your paper and discussion.

These parts could be various in different pieces of paper. Such large document must contain specific information in the topic. You have to propose a problem here and its solution, as well. Phd thesis chapter structure of your work has to prove or deny your selected question. Only author is responsible for every piece of paper and all experiments he did. Your conclusions may be used in other studies for other students. So, you become a scientist after creating such hard and useful paper as thesis statement.

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